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Fully compatible with
Windows? 95, 98, ME, 2000 & XP!



Download the current version of CricU

CricU is still being developed actively. But, you can download the current version from here.

Current Version
Initial Release Version, 0.15>> Download it here.
   [The current Indian and Australian Teams are also included with the download package]

You can Download the CricU manual from here.

NOTE: CricU is freeware and is available to you free to use as-is. The current version of CricU is considered to be a stable release and is "bug-free" enough for everyday use. However, since the creator is only a mortal, it is indeed possible that you might find a bug. If you do find one, we would certainly like to know, so that we can fix it in the next version and probably, you might also get to see your name in the credits list alongwith the next version. For details on how to submit a bug, check out the bugs.txt file which is bundled alongwith the CricU download or browse here.

Additional Required Files

You MAY also need to have the following files inorder for CricU to work correctly -

  • Microsoft Agent & Merlin - Get them from Microsoft's Agent website. Although, the game should run fine without Merlin installed on your computer but for optimum results from CricU, it is highly recommended that you install it.
  • VB6 runtime files - Find it at
  • Microsoft ADO - Download it from Microsoft's ADO website.
  • You may also check out Winzip for your extraction and unzipping needs.

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